Why I Created MelStory

This is a question that I’m honestly still figuring out the details of, so I decided to journal along in hopes of clearing up my vision and direction for what I want this blog to become (as well as my MelStory YouTube channel).

For one, I wanted MelStory to be a place where I could share travel content and express more of my professional/creative work without having MapleStory attached to it. I think for the longest time, I was rooted in thinking that I had to create MapleStory content in order to be “successful” because that’s how I started. That mindset came with a lot of pressure and stress because I was constantly thinking about how I wasn’t able to fulfill or satisfy the needs of what people wanted from me. The difference in engagement levels between a MapleStory video vs. something else is very evident too, so this process consumed me for a bit (especially after I graduated and thought about doing YouTube full time).

Eventually, I learned to detach myself from numbers and just focus on creating what made me happy. I don’t want to see YouTube (or blogging now) as a job because I want to have fun with it, but at the same time, I know I need a plan and direction if I want to make something out of it too. A part of me feels like I’ve been doing things for “fun” for way too long – that I’m always just dabbling in a bit of everything, but haven’t taken myself very seriously in trying to excel in an area. I’m scattered right now, but I am doing my best to figure it out >__<“

Anyways, back to MelStory… the idea of a travel blog actually originated when my friends would ask me what my travel itineraries were when I returned home from a trip. Instead of repeating myself, I thought it’d be better if I could just type out all the information and link it to my friends when they asked. That way, I could save time in explaining, but also showcase everything I did (with helpful links) that could make my friends’ lives much easier too. My intention was to help others, and the idea of documenting my travels came after.

Deep down, I know that I love helping others. I’ve always been a really good listener, and extremely caring – to the point where I often neglect my own self-care. I absorb people’s emotions too though, so sometimes it can get a little overwhelming and exhausting when I take on too much. I try my best to stay positive and help others by spreading warmth and love through my actions and words, but sometimes I get burnt out. Derp. I think I just got off track again LOL. What I meant to say is I feel like one of my purposes in life is really to just be a light in this world to others.

When I was reading an article on how to create a successful business, one of the questions talked about “what kind of value can you provide to your audience?” and “what does the world need more of?”

For me – aside from my filmmaking abilities – I know that one of my key qualities is my outlook and perspective on life. I strive to see the best in everything and everyone, and never look down on anyone or anything. I try my best to understand the world, and I see the pure intentions and raw beauty in every person and our everyday lives. Some may call me naive, but I feel like I just choose to see the good in the world. I guess I’m the type of person that can easily be taken advantage of because “I’m too nice” or I have a really difficult time saying no, but it’s okay. I’m working on becoming stronger and better too ^__^” ANYWAYS I got off track again.. What I meant to say (again lol) was that I feel like the world needs less sad souls, and more warmth, love, and happiness. For me, I feel like I can help offer that through my words, videos, or content in general. I honestly just want to be a source of light, comfort, or hope for someone who’s going through a tough time – knowing that they’re not alone, or encouraging them when they need it most.

Sometimes, I can’t see the direct impact of what I’m doing because not everyone who comes across me will leave a message, but I hope that by doing my best to figure myself out in this world, I can also inspire someone else to do the same. Although I might not be the greatest example to follow right now because I don’t have my entire life together – what I do know is that I’m trying and trying my best to put it together. In the end, we all want to grow into the best version of ourselves, and if I can, I want to help you guys get there too.

MelStory is a place where I want to help others and I hope that future me will be proud of.


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