Toronto Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit: Everything You Need to Know Before Going!

I’ve been seeing Instagram ads for the Toronto Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit for so long, and always wanted to check it out because of how artsy it looked! I knew it would be the perfect photo opportunity too, so I finally took the leap and bought tickets to go. 😄 Interested in visiting? Read this blog post to find out everything you need to know before going!


Purchase your tickets on the Van Gogh Exhibit website and select your desired time slot. The rate ranges from $35-$45 per person depending on the date that you choose. A QR code will be sent to your email which serves as your entry pass.


1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7


Directly southeast of the Van Gogh Exhibit, there’s public parking available, but they charge a $30 flat fee. I know it’s quite expensive, but that’s also the norm around downtown, Toronto… so just be prepared if you’re driving downtown for the exhibit.


COVID-19 safety measures were in effect during our visit. We had to provide proof of vaccination and do an online screening before entering.


The Van Gogh Exhibit was a ~30 minutes show coupled with visual artwork and immersive music. We were able to enter a bit earlier than our time slot, so when we got inside, it was actually during the middle of the show. This allowed us to have a lot of time to explore, take photos, and discover the best spots to enjoy the experience! We actually found a hidden room in the center of the exhibit that was surrounded by mirrors. It offered an incredible 360° view and the reflections made the art and photos so much cooler haha.

My tip would be to explore while you’re there! They had social distancing circles set up for you to sit in, but instead of just sitting for 30 minutes, definitely take your time to walk around. There’s also an upstairs balcony where you can get a grand aerial overview of everyone. That’s also an amazing view and photo opportunity!

Note: Once you enter the Van Gogh Exhibit, you’re actually allowed to stay for as many runs as you want to! You can take it at your own pace, so it doesn’t feel rushed at all!


Overall, I thought the experience was very unique and I love all of the photos/videos we were able to capture there! I’m really happy that we were able to bring our professional camera and gimbal without any extra charge/restrictions. The staff was really kind, and we felt a lot of freedom to do whatever we wanted while we were there.

I honestly don’t know too much about Van Gogh as an artist and don’t understand the meaning behind all of his artworks, but I can appreciate all of the work that was put into making this exhibit and do feel like it was a really worthwhile experience (as a content creator).

I’d say if you’re not too into art or taking photos/videos though, I’m not sure how much you would enjoy it. There isn’t much to “do” since it’s just a screening (with no actual storyline). There’s also a gift shop at the exit, but I don’t usually buy souvenirs (unless I’m super obsessed with something) because I tend to find them overpriced ^^”

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed watching the vlog and found this blog post helpful in some way! Have an amazing day, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Your travel friend,

Cinematographer & Photographer: Marthy Honculada
Editor: Melinda Tse


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