[Timson & Amber] Romantic Destination Proposal in Banff, Alberta

A dramatic “behind the scenes” love story of Timson, a romantic, planning a surprise proposal for his soon-to-be fiancée, Amber. Staged as an “airbnb photoshoot experience,” Timson recruits his two good friends, and a trusted videographer/photographer team, to fly to Alberta with him for the ultimate plan – to trick Amber into believing the proposal is actually just a relaxing “get-away.”

Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Melinda Tse
Cinematographer & Photographer: Marthy Honculada

Featuring: Timson Ng, Amber Madison Lee, Allen Ho & Cathy Dang

▬ Timestamps ▬
00:12 – Backstory
04:10 – Step 1: The Ring
05:58 – Step 2: Getting Fit
07:25 – Step 3: The Parents
10:43 – Step 4: The Proposal Idea
15:59 – Step 5: The Proposal Plan
21:31 – Operation Proposal: Begins!
25:54 – The Night Before the Proposal
28:02 – Proposal Day

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