The Best Bubble Tea in Taiwan: Honest Milk Tea Reviews

1. Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) | Rating 9.5/10

Known as the "creator of bubble tea." Their milk tea was actually super fresh, a bit creamy, and very refreshing because of the light crushed ice! Definitely my favourite bubble tea in Taiwan.

2. Chen San Ding (陳三鼎青蛙鮮奶) | Rating 8/10

Popular for its brown sugar milk tea and tapioca, this was recommended to me as a must try. The tapioca was definitely very flavourful, but they were a little bit too soft for my preference. The brown sugar milk tea was also a bit thick for my liking, but it was still good overall!

3. 50 Lan (50)

Original Bubble Milk Tea (50) | Rating 6/10
This was the first bubble tea I tried in Taiwan, and I was super excited to try it because I heard that "Taiwan had the best bubble tea" LOL, but the original milk tea didn't surprise me. To be honest, I would actually give the original bubble milk tea a rating of 6/10. There was nothing really special about it. The milk tea wasn't too sweet, which was good, but the tapioca didn't have a lot of taste. Wouldn't really recommend trying the original here. Definitely go to Chun Shui Tang if you want good original milk tea. (Chatime & Coco back in Canada were a lot better).

Oolong Milk Tea (50) | Rating 9/10
I tried the Oolong milk tea at 50 Lan afterwards, and was pleasantly surprised. I've had a lot of oolong milk tea in the past, but this specific one hit the spot. It was very flavourful, yet not overwhelming. I would recommend less sweetness though because 100% was slightly too much. I also got lychee jelly with it which added a nice fun touch to it. Would recommend!

4. Share Tea  | Rating 7/10

I got the classic milk tea, and it was alright. Nothing super special about it, but it was a nice refreshing drink. Milk tea always brings a smile to my face! We also have this franchise in Canada.

5. Rabbit Rabbit Tea

Ceylon Milk Tea | Rating 0/10
I almost forgot about this place! I wanted to drink their Oolong milk tea, but they were out of stock. They recommended me the Ceylon Milk Tea instead, but omg.. this was actually the WORST milk tea I've ever had. I'm not even kidding LOL. It was so bad that my friend had to help me throw it out. Honestly the saddest moment of my life T___T I couldn't bring myself to watch LOL. My friends also tried it and couldn't drink it.

Earl Grey Milk Tea | Rating 7/10
My friend got the earl grey milk tea though, and I tried a bit. It was definitely a lot better than the Ceylon milk tea LOL but a little bit too sweet. Still alright though!

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