The Alley | Snow Velvet Series: Peach Hojicha Review

Overview: Today, my best friend, Vanessa, and I went to The Alley after strawberry picking for the first time! The Alley is one of my favourite bubble tea chains next to Chatime & Coco. I can always count on them for a good drink, but y'know how it is when you try something new sometimes... You either love it or hate it haha. Just kidding, there is that in between "ehhh, it's okay" stage, but let's be honest... if you didn't love it, you probably wouldn't order it again XD That's what my experience was like with trying the Snow Velvet Series: Peach Hojicha drink. It's funny because that drink is actually listed on their top picks, but I guess with any food or drink in general - it's very biased and heavily based on one's personal preference. So take my words with a grain of salt too! We all have different taste buds haha.

Details: Little sugar, fixed ice, tapioca

First Impression: This drink was interesting... My first sip was immediately a bleh reaction because there was cheese foam on the top that I wasn't expecting LOL. I'm not sure if other people like cheese foam in their drinks, but I was taken aback because I've never tasted that in my bubble teas before and it honestly wasn't a great mix to me ^_^" I just ordered this drink because I thought the name sounded cool, and I also like peach and hojicha individually.

Final Thoughts: As for the actual drink, I could taste the hint of peach which was refreshing, but the hojicha was a bit thick and powdery. I guess that's just how it normally is though. Overall, it wasn't bad, but I probably wouldn't order it again if I was given the choice haha.

Rating: 6/10

As of now, my top favourite drinks from the Alley are:

  1. Crunchy cocoa milk tea (shout-out to the Korean drama, "The King: Eternal Monarch" hehe)
  2. Alley trio (Vanessa ordered this! The jellies are fun to eat)
  3. Iron goddess milk tea w/ grass jelly (very refreshing taste)

What is your favourite bubble tea drink? Let me know in the comments below!

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