Machi Machi Bubble Tea Review

Last week, I went to Machi Machi to get bubble tea & capture some photos and videos! One of my friends introduced me to this place a while ago, and I instantly fell in love with its cute interior design. It made me want to go there just to take a picture LOL so here I am haha.

Address: 3985 Hwy 7 suite 105, Markham, ON L3R 2A2
Hours: 12:00-10:00pm

Right at the entrance of Machi Machi, you’ll find this adorable photo spot with three white chairs, a neon sign, and a sprinkle-confetti backdrop. I sat in the middle to create a balanced frame and then crossed my legs to look more ladylike haha. Next, I just smiled at my bubble tea while my other hand laid softly on my lap. I’m slowly learning more about posing! Can you guys notice the difference?

For my drink, I got the black oolong milk tea! I like to order my bubble tea with 30% sugar and less ice. One tip is to order half tapioca at Machi Machi (picture above). I learned this after the first time I ordered at Machi Machi because they literally filled HALF my cup with tapioca if I didn’t say anything. So if you want to actually drink your drink and not eat the majority of the time, make sure to order half tapioca lol!

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