📸 [Snap & Edit] Ep 2: Travel Photography Tips & Easy Posing Ideas

In episode two of “Snap and Edit”, I’m joined with Marthy Honculada, a talented cinematographer and photographer, who is also one of my mentors and best friends! We both work at the same wedding videography company (shout-out to SDE Weddings), and he’s been training me ever since I joined their team in 2015. So a lot of who I am now today as an artist and videographer is actually thanks to him!

This episode takes place in Banff, Alberta because we were originally there to capture Timson and Amber’s proposal, and on our last day, we decided to take some time to do some of our shoots. I hope you guys enjoy this blog post, and be sure to subscribe on YouTube (& turn on the bell for notifications) to stay tuned for more!


🎥 Videographer & Video-Editor: Melinda Tse
📸 Photographer & Cinematographer: Marthy Honculada

Location: Banff, Alberta
Theme: Adventurous Travel Photography

Photography Tips:

1. Challenge yourself

The first time we passed by this tunnel while driving in Banff, Marthy immediately knew that he wanted to capture a shot here. He envisioned an epic photo with the sun and mountains in the background, and a silhouette beneath the tunnel – and that’s exactly what we did!

Some might call us crazy for doing this shot, but I feel like being a photographer is a way of life. It makes you more adventurous and encourages you to look at things from a different perspective – and I love that feeling. Normal people probably wouldn’t stop by the middle of a busy road for a photo, but as photographers, it’s a different story!

2. Create a balanced frame

Symmetry and lines are so important when it comes to photography. Be sure to pay attention to these elements so you can create a clean and balanced composition!

3. Use your surroundings

When you’re out shooting, look around to see what you could use to your advantage! In our case, we decided to stray away from land and create a cleaner composition by using the rocks by the water.

4. Make sure it’s safe first

As a photographer – before you ask your model to attempt something “dangerous,” be sure to test it out first and ensure that it’s safe! This isn’t only for liability reasons, but it demonstrates that you prioritize safety and helps with building trust and respect as well.

5. Capture backlight on subject

Backlighting is a lighting technique designed to highlight your subject and make them pop from the background. The best way to do this is to pay attention to where the sun is, and frame your camera to where the sun flare hits your subject!

6. Pay attention to where the sun is

The sun is your greatest light source when shooting outdoors, and how you use the sun will determine the mood of your photos! In this photo below, the lighting is quite flat because the sun was covered by clouds. Although, keep in mind that overcast is actually great lighting for portraits because there won’t be any harsh shadows!

7. Add foreground elements to create depth in your shots

A great trick that you can use to instantly level up your shots is to add foreground elements to create depth. In the photo below, Marthy was shooting through some tree branches. Notice how the picture suddenly seems more full, and it adds a better sense of environment too!

Tip: Shooting with a telephoto lens would work best!

Posing Tips:

1. Walk forward and look back

The first pose I have for you is to walk forward and look back! This is a great photo if you’re looking to capture the “come travel with me” vibe. I also love how simple and easy it is to do as well!

2. Walk forward look around

The next pose you can do is to just walk forward normally, and look in different directions as you go! Look to your right, look to your left, look up, look down, and remember to smile! As long as you keep moving forward, the motion will be very natural and you’re bound to get at least one good shot!

3. Run and smile

The third pose you can try is to run and smile! This is a fun choice if you’re looking for a more dynamic photo and it’s also great for exercise haha.

4. Look down and smile

If you want a more static photo, a super simple and easy go-to pose is to look down and smile! Just remember to relax your hands as well to avoid looking stiff.

5. Spin around and have fun

Spinning around was an idea that Marthy brought up, and I really loved how the photos turned out because I felt like I was genuinely having fun throughout the process. Being in motion definitely made me feel more comfortable, and I was able to relax and be myself. So I encourage you to also just play around and have fun! It’s honestly the best way to capture real, happy, and unique moments.

6. Be in motion

It’s easy to stand still for photos, but creating movement and being in motion with your body is one of the best ways to capture natural and candid moments!

7. Pop your chest and straighten your back

The last posing tip I have for you guys is to pop your chest out and straighten your back! This might not be a problem if you have naturally good posture, but for me, I honestly have a bad habit of slouching and have to constantly remind myself to straighten my back! This isn’t only important in real life, but for photos especially – pop your chest out, straighten your back, and relax your shoulders! Posture is everything when it comes to posing.


Anyways, that’s a wrap for episode two of Snap and Edit! I hope you guys have been enjoying this series so far. I’ve been having a lot of fun with learning, and can’t wait to introduce you all to more passionate photographers along the way! This is only the start of our adventure, and I’m excited to see where it will go! Let me know in the comments below if you learned anything new, or if there’s anything specific you’d want me to try in future episodes. Wishing you all the best in your photography journey!

About Snap and Edit:

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